Vendredi, 30 juillet 2021.
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We are pleased to introduce to you our Tax & Legal Firm whose scopes of intervention are the tax & legal engineering in the CEMAC zone. Our firm is operating in the following CEMAC countries :

-    Cameroon 
-    Central African Republic 
-    Chad
-    Congo-Brazzaville
-    Equatorial Guinea   
-    Gabon

For this reason, our tax and legal experts frequently travel to these countries to complete tax and legal assignments.

. We commit ourselves to provide clients with quality services in accordance with international and standard norms available for the best price.

Those services are adapted to their needs and to conditions of countries in where we are operating. We are providing clients with tax & legal for their best tax & legal choices. Our services are rendered in accordance with the rules applicable to the CEMAC Tax Advisory conditions of engagement.



The new financial law was drawn up in a particular context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.
If this finance law tends as usual to enlarge the taxation base, it also includes a several government accompaniment measures to fight against the Covid-19 crisis set forth at the 11th session of the Cameroon Business Forum of Thursday 22 October 2020.
In order to allow you to understand the different implications, innovations and better understand their consequences on the activities of your company, the firm DM & Partners, member of HLB ACP Central Africa is organizing a training and information seminar on the following topic:

"The 2021 finance law: Between enlargement of the taxation base and extension of some government accompaniment measures against the COVID-19 Pandemic "

For the training course, we will make a cd for our clients. The cd will include regulations for 2020 in English and/or in French. * Law n° 2020/018 of 17 December 2020 on the Financial law of the Republic of Cameroon for the financial year 2021 ;
*Circular of the Director General of Taxes specifying the conditions of application of the tax provisions of Law n° 2020/018 of 17 December 2020 on the Financial law of the Republic of Cameroon for the financial year 2021;
*The 2021 General Tax Code, updated by our firm on 1st January 2021. Etc ......
Each participant will also receive throughout the year 2021 our monthly tax and legal newsletter Cameroon.
For more information about our training course, please kindly contact us at the following e-mail adress : or send us a completed registration form which you can download from our website and send it back to us.

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